Hot Lite Bites

Served Tuesday to Saturday only

3 Egg Free-Range Omelettes £6.95

Served with salad. Choose from the following fillings

Cheese, Mushroom, Bacon, Tomato, Onion, Peppers or Roasted Vegetables. GF



Toasties and Paninis £6.95

Choose from the following fillings:


Ham, Cheddar cheese, tomato or onion

Tuna Melt

Bacon, Brie and Cranberry





Jacket Potato £6.95 GF

Choose from the following fillings:


Cheese only V

Beans only V

Cheese and Beans V

Cheese and Coleslaw V

Prawn Mayo

Tuna Mayo




Faringdon Road

OX13 6JH


Tel: 01865390530

Our business hours

Tuesday - Sunday12:00 - 23:00

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